No need to code

You don't need to code to work in technology, but having an understanding of it can really help.

This book is for curious people in tech who want to know more about how their products work and what coders spend their time doing.

πŸ›‘ Stop feeling like an imposter.

πŸ™‚ Build a happier team with increased empathy and understanding.

🧠 Scratch your itch of curiosity about coding.

πŸ’» Communicate technical info more effectively to stakeholders.

πŸ’¬ Improve communication with coders on your team.

Coming soon to the web, Kindle, PDF, and ePub.

Who is this book for?

Anyone working in technology who wants to know more about the world of coding. Whether you're a product manager, designer, salesperson, marketeer, recruiter, or founder, this book walks you through some of the fundamentals of how software products get built, and how they work.


Part 1: An introduction to coding

  • What is coding?

  • What is a programming language?

  • Do you need to be good at maths?

  • Where do software bugs come from?

  • What is git?

  • What is open-source software?

  • Can code really be clean?

  • What's the difference between monoliths and microservices?

Part 2: Websites and apps

  • How does the internet work?

  • Why do websites break in different browsers?

  • What’s the difference between frontend and backend?

  • How can SEO help drive traffic?

  • What are cookies?

  • How do mobile apps work?

Part 3: Ways of working

  • Why do some people avoid estimates and committing to deadlines?

  • Why is a shared language and understanding so important?

  • What does agile mean?

  • Why do so many developers like pair-programming?

About the author

I'm Charlie, a product-focused software developer with experience building a range of products in education technology and the energy sector.

I taught myself to code and switched from my role as a project manager to pursue a career in making software products. Coming from a non-technical background puts me in a great position to help bridge the gap between developers and the people they work with on a daily basis.

Coming soon to the web, Kindle, PDF, and ePub.